Category: Confectionaires

Media About the Confectionaires

A nice article and video about the Confectionaires on Beijing Slice. My favorite part: “Do you like ukelele music? Don’t worry, answering yes doesn’t automatically mean that you’re a hipster (though it probably indicates you live inside second ring road and can be seen driving a fixie around Gulou).” LINK TO FULL ARTICLE HERE

Touring Yunnan

Back in January, as I thought ahead to my last six months in Beijing, I faced a quandary. Work my butt off to save up a bit of money for music school, or do something creative with all of the incredible people I’ve met in Beijing over the last three years. Needless to say, I chose the people. I sat…

Last Week in Beijing Before the Holidays

There is nothing quite so over-whelming but lovely at the same time as holidays in Beijing (or maybe just foreign countries in general). There’s something about being part of an expat community that makes people go manic for holiday cheer. Since December began, it’s felt like a non-stop roller-coaster of winter fayres, Christmas caroling, oratorios and messiahs, and holiday parties.…

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